The Most Shocking Scenes, Ranked

Dragon Ball, a beloved anime series, has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the world of shonen anime. While many of its most shocking moments may not surprise modern anime fans, they played a significant role in defining the genre. These scenes have become iconic and remain an integral part of anime history.

One such moment is when Master Roshi destroys the moon in Dragon Ball. In a time where planetary destruction was not a common occurrence, Roshi’s action set a standard for power levels in shonen anime. By destroying the moon to turn Goku back into a human, Roshi’s display of pure power established a benchmark for future anime series.

In Dragon Ball Super, Goku Black’s appearance shocked fans for various reasons. His mysterious identity intrigued viewers and raised the question of what Goku would be like if he were evil. Additionally, Goku Black’s story arc as Zamasu showcased the horrifying consequences of misusing Dragon Ball’s greatest hero’s power. This mirror image of Goku provided a dark and unexpected twist to the series.

Future Trunks’ introduction in Dragon Ball Z also left audiences reeling. Not only did he possess the ability to turn Super Saiyan, a feat previously thought exclusive to Goku, but he also effortlessly defeated Frieza, the series’ most powerful villain at the time. Moreover, the revelation that Trunks was Vegeta and Bulma’s son from the future added an extra layer of surprise and intrigue.

The first appearance of the Kamehameha, Master Roshi’s signature attack, was another unexpected moment. As the most iconic attack in anime history today, its initial use by Roshi caught viewers off guard. Moreover, Roshi’s transformation from an elderly man to a muscular powerhouse while executing the Kamehameha displayed his immense power and highlighted his role as Goku’s mentor.

Goku’s achievement of Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super stunned fans. While Super Saiyan transformations had become commonplace, Ultra Instinct was a whole new ability that surpassed even the Gods of Destruction. It represented a potential breakthrough for Goku and Vegeta in their pursuit of true power, moving beyond the legendary Super Saiyan form.

The destruction of Planet Namek by Frieza in Dragon Ball Z showcases his desperation and highlights the immense power wielded by the Z Fighters. Frieza’s act displayed the lengths he was willing to go to in order to eliminate his enemies, leaving fans awe-struck by his sheer power.

When Goku is killed by Raditz in the early episodes of Dragon Ball Z, it marked unfamiliar territory for the franchise. While characters had been killed and revived before, Goku’s death left the fate of the world uncertain. Although fans later learned that his death would likely make him stronger upon his return, the first occurrence held significant shock value.

Learning about Goku’s true identity as a Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z was a pivotal moment for the series. It explained Goku’s outlier status and laid the foundation for the intergalactic threats that followed. The meeting with Raditz was just the beginning of the intergalactic adventures that made Dragon Ball Z beloved by many.

Krillin’s death at the hands of Tambourine in Dragon Ball was a heartbreaking moment and the starting point for character deaths in the series. Although Krillin would go on to die multiple times throughout the franchise, his first death held the greatest emotional impact. His deaths consistently carry weight due to his deep bond with Goku, which has developed since they were children.

Finally, Goku’s transformation into a Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z remains the most surprising and iconic moment in the series. Audiences were blown away by the dramatic change in Goku’s appearance and his embrace of the legendary Super Saiyan form. This transformation not only changed Goku but also set the course for the entire Dragon Ball franchise.

In conclusion, Dragon Ball’s most shocking moments may no longer surprise modern anime fans, but they have undeniably influenced and defined the shonen anime genre. These moments have become canon in the world of anime and hold a special place in the hearts of fans. Dragon Ball’s impact on anime history is undeniable, and its unexpected scenes continue to captivate audiences to this day.